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You Love You

In your house that lies slightly to the left

Encircled by a bone-white fence and held together by a blood-red gate

With chambers that can hold hundreds

Make room for this occupant, the first to knock on your door

For ignoring and allowing others inside

To fill spaces that were not properly prepared

Will never bring light to your home

Make room for you

First. To treat yourself as an interloper, who must be escorted out

Quickly rots the foundations found under your abode

And a damaged house easily invites strange guests

Trespassers who will not salvage no matter what you provide

You love you

First. Fill every crevice with it, repair your home

See its worth before you allow others in

It makes it easier to give the correct rooms

And to see some to the door

For the greatest love in this world

Is the love you have for yourself

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