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A Body To Lay On When Cold

Panting on glass, the cold forces itself in; crawling on floors and climbing walls

Traversing feet to face to finally fall asleep on the bones; here is where you come in

The only reason you were allowed past the halls

The only reason you could sit with me and drain a bottle of vintage gin

The only reason you can do more than gaze

Clothes off, hands on, let's skip the smouldering and tip into the torrid

Scorch the skin and burn the body, we have time to explore ourselves in ninety different ways

Fingers on lips and toungues in cheek, it takes this little to get you florid?

It's the weather you see, that gets my words heated

So let me pull you in by your warm waist and see how swifty my speech softens when they stroke your ear

We can get cosy too if need be; for the fire in here can be seated

As long as it stays present and near

We're figures filled with fervour so it's best we stay close

Wine and dine till the last lights of day

While the night supplies sweat-soaked sessions too sultry for prose

Recuperating before the arrival of the first ray

You stretch, smile and stare into my eyes

Is my vision clear or do I spot a mirage shifting inside your irises? A look of love?

Perhaps it will evaporate when we truly rise

The remnants of sleep do sometimes fog dreams from above

It's been hours and it has solidified in there

Shatter it soon before you turn lovelorn

For that isn't something we can share

Make it quick and there will be no need to mourn

You're acting confused, you should have known weeks ago

You're a body to lay on when cold

When it becomes balmy, you will have to go

These feelings were never going to age and grow old

This isn't love, but don't worry, it isn't just lust

We have our moments; laughs in the day, whispers in the dark

But this was always moulded to rust

It was never meant to leave a mark

Clothes on, hands off, you've slipped into the frigid deep end

And this cannot carry on if we have different desires

So let's stop for I cannot pretend

That my feelings match your depth, what's the point if we have to mutate into liars?

You're a body to hold when there's a chill

That was your purpose, why did you have to delude yourself into thinking there was more?

Trying to bypass the role set for you to fulfill

As if you had been handed an arid chore

Like loving me was any better

Knowing it could be planted but never bloom

I may as well grab a sweater,

We have arrived at this arrangement's untimely tomb

You were a body to rest on for heat

Then your emotions just had to grow gaudy

So out you go, to be drenched in showers and sleet

And I'll find another, after all, you're just a body.

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