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When The Moon Was Ours

Sip the silvery sap from the grey sphere

And bask in its white waves

Touch the cold gems on its cosmic crown

Feeling the air of Lune stroking our faces

When the Moon was ours, nothing but dreams clasped the earth

Cradling it with her crescents and hugging it with her halves

Soak in the metallic drops that fall from above

Engulfing us with its platinum kisses

Walk on the sheets of dark pearls, soft and in hue

When the Moon was ours, the space between us was gone

Stars and galaxies were in arm's reach, comets a stroke away

Dream in the milky blankets of terrain

And dance in the middle of the mountains of Moretus

Stepping on the crystalline tiles of Rheita

Wake in its greyscale valleys dipped in marengo glass

When the Moon was ours, constellations linked; forming a bridge from me to you

Supernovas only bursts of star dust contained by our hands

When the Moon was ours, starlight glazed our skin

When the Moon was ours, nebulae hanged on our fingertips

When the Moon was ours, black holes crossed our palms

When the Moon was ours, I still loved you

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