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The Mind On Water

In bed,

I thought of raindrops.

Small orbs of transparent matter

Sprinkled on the brain.

Before they could dry

I created clouds

And out came April showers

Soaking the mind and pouring out of eyes;

Each fat tear lost weight

As it painfully birthed floods

Whose limpid hands took it upon themselves

To hold my door in place,

Glassy guards anticipating their maturation.

To stunt their growth, floodgates were pulled out of the head:

Thoughts solidified with heat and thickened with iron

Only for the giants to swiftly smear rust on them, leaving stains of decay.

Now liquid leviathans, they began to consume one another, wet teeth on saline skin,

And from this carnage, an ocean came alive

Covering me with a blue blanket, soaking my lungs.

My thoughts plucked the bubbles that lined the throat,

So when cerulean was coloured coal

They were cast out, forced upwards to die.

Taking their place, ice crystals froze the miniature sea stuck in my sacs, frigid weight.

Frost that had settled on flesh, disturbed by the pull

Rose up and captured my creation in still frame

A brittle body made bare

Attracting light scratches; an aggregation of marks

And as they evolved into deep cracks

Lining up to climb,

I close my eyes.

And find myself

In bed,

With a wet floor

And a dry head.

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