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She Gave Birth To Grief

It was a spontaneous delivery, it happened before 20:00

Surprise, the midwife; pulled swiftly, not a single contraction

She had been here with Pain during the first birth

She had vacated for the second and here she was once more, with her sly hands and without her partner

She gave birth to Grief: a triplet

It had the same small shape: a blood ball, scarlet skin

Like its siblings, it did not cry nor scream


But she did. Her tears showered the form on the floor

Her shrieks swaddled it, refusing to let it go cold

Guilt gripped her, three was meant to be the charm

She had taken precautions, watched each step

She had done it all, yet here she was welcoming blood and tissue, in their incomplete state

Anger rushed into the delivery room, always the late arrival and grasped her

She noticed Numbness, a figure she had seen standing at the edges of her mind during the last labour

Separated by the door, its eyes blank and white

Surprise had dispersed.

Guilt decided to let go.

Anger slipped off.

Empty space.

Numbness entered; beckoned by her eyes

Each step screamed before being silenced by the next

Her eyes let go as she embraced her new occupant

She gave birth to Grief and gave her heart another death

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