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Mother Land

Mother was happy

In her golden house

Rich light bouncing off gems sitting on her walls

Warm light, carpets for her heavenly floors

Dressed from head to toe in brown finery

Black light dancing above her head

Mother of pearl, beloved guardian

Her children never leaving her eyes

Dipping them in pure light as they painted her palace.

Houses that shine tend to catch dark eyes

Mother was wary

When she saw the strangers

Knocking on her west door

Dressed in such a peculiar colour: snow white

They bared teeth at the sight of her light,

The same shade as their robes, contorted smiles

Her children, blinded by curiosity

Begged her to let them in

For they wanted to touch their clothes

A hue none in the house wore

Mother was scared

For she had been tricked before

Strangers selling similar smiles

Had appeared at her east and north doors

Listening to her children she had let them in

Mistakes are never meant to have twins

Lost in thought she failed to find

Her ears to hear her children welcome the outsiders

Titles they stripped off when feet touched her earthly floors

Mother was furious

Upon seeing her bare hands and walls

Stripped naked, her light faltering

To soothe her anger

The visitors, the names they now wore

Spoke sweetly, soaking sentences in a strange shade: milk white

Her children, in awe with their light

Drank their words till they were full

Watching carefully as light wavered she thought she saw

Stained clothes and curdled words

Mother was attacked

In broad daylight

The visitors removed their disguises

Proudly wearing their true clothes: assailants

Their eyes settled on her children, hungry for their light

Mother of all, adored protector

They broke her halo and stabbed her heart

The children they gathered, sheep ready to depart

As she laid on the floor: broken, battered and bruised

Her children left her eyes

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