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Malum, just one bite

Malum, anything but right

Malum, they still think you're the weapon in the garden

Malum, you get nothing, not even a pardon

Malum, they use to spit you out

Malum, here you come now they scream there's a drought

Malum, snow skin, bite blood

Malum, your presence brought them a flood

Malum, immortality glided

Malum, the one they turn to when misguided

Malum, so beautiful you caused a war

Malum, too much and you'll be lost forevermore

Malum, sleep in the throat

Malum, confess it all to a goat

Malum, they say you keep ailments away

Malum, right on time, they have started to disobey

Malum, new times, dip you in honey

Malum, in their hearts when they crave money

Malum, eight now ten, here's to good luck

Malum, touch them gently and they will run amuck

Malum, eleven; that's the charm

Malum, hit the head when they want to harm

Malum, distract her, a race is to be won

Malum, you've gone too far, now here's the son, that one

Malum, it's love so throw and catch

Malum, it's too dark, light a match

Malum, find your way into the eye

Malum, forever found under the sky

Malum, they prefer you in red

Malum, close your eyes and watch it spread

Malum, perish with the fig and the palm

Malum, locusts are here, no need to be calm

Malum, at your core, poison; just a pinch

Malum, they practice in private, in public they flinch

Malum, you were the name for all

Malum, opened mind; it's time to fall

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