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It's A Girl Disease

I skipped breakfast

A heavy meal, unnecessary weight

I have kept starch and sugar at bay

Cunning compounds carrying conniving calories to the calves and chest

No need to drive to work, my feet will work

For sitting makes idleness an easy feat

Inviting corpulence, the unwelcomed guest back

I skipped lunch

For there was a feast on the plate

And I could never consume that much in a day

It would find a way to burrow and rest

In my arms and shoulders. How easy it can be for a calorie surplus to lurk

When one forgets to watch what they eat

So the right repast must be light, to avoid an attack

I skipped supper

As it's detrimental to eat after eight

Water will send these hunger pangs away

I can control this, pick the weights, it's all a test

So snatch, clean and jerk

It's routine, the abdominals and back, no reason to cheat

For I know I am on the right track

It's a girl disease, it can't happen to me

It's a girl disease, that's what they told me

So my stops during my sprints were due to fatigue

Or bloating, I must cut out wheat

It's a girl disease, I don't want to shrink in size

It's a girl disease, I only want to stick to a lean size

So these palpitations during my pullups were due to exertion

Or agitation, but I already expelled caffeine

It's a girl disease, so what is happening to me?

It's a girl disease, why is this happening to me?

So when they found me on the floor with weights scattered around my form

And my heart almost idle they thought I was dead

It's a girl disease, but it's not is it?

It's a disease, it's my disease.

And I need help.

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