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I May Destroy You

I may hurt you

It slips into my mind when you look into my eyes

As you start creating scenes that already lack structure

And I do.

With words that shoot out of my mouth and latch onto skin

Easily burrowing and clinging to bone

Migrating into your mind whenever you look away

Kicking thoughts and leaving you restless; a rancid replay

Only to retreat back to their osseous house when you look back at me

For wherever your eyes may lie, the pain I engender always has a place to lie

I may punish you

It doesn't slip out of my mouth

Its certainty solidified by my silence, the effortless disregard

And I always do.

Without words, skin stays safe

But you don't know what to do when I don't talk to you

And unease digs its nails into your shoulders, no punctures

You analyse every action. You watch every word. You memorise every motion

For you know even the slightest aberration will prolong your penalty

And it is easy to leave you in such a state, so lost you forget what you had to state

I may destroy you

It spills out of my eyes, and this time

I think you actually see they tell no lies

And I almost do.

Swimming out of your face, you go back to fortifying fanciful frames

I see the cracks on your frame, the shell I made you

Hollowed human; I have taken, and given nothing of similar weight

Leaving you a being burden-bound, if I stay, you will certainly shatter with that weight.

I can't fix you, what good can come from the one that fractured?

I may fix myself. I look into my least I know they can tell lies

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