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For A Black Girl

"...for a black girl."

See how you throw those words

Carelessly like salt

Thinking that was

The way to her heart

You assume she must be beaming with pride

That she is somehow not like the others

Who have unknowingly always met your expectations

An anomaly, but not wrong

The ones before bear that cross

"...for a black girl."

You believe it's praise when you tell her

That her beauty and aura, her intellect and wit

Come as a surprise for someone who wears her skin

As if the pigmentation that sits in her epidermis

Prevents her from having any of those things

"...for a black girl."

She should rejoice that

Her brown hue, the scheming shade

Failed to hide

Something you perhaps saw in her eyes

"...for a black girl."

Black girl, with skin of dark light

See how it shines even at night

Stars were pulled from above

To make what you wear

Sewn with the threads of the universe

You are celestial, were you not aware?

Black girl, your beauty can neither be bought nor sold

You must know it is found in the centre of your soul

Your mind, a cave of wonder

See how the jewels inside catch the light

When you ponder

Black girl, let no ill words stop your stride,

Look back and you will see

The trail you left has attracted honeybees

Black girl, the skin on you was never a curse

Black girl, you are sun kissed,

Heaven blessed

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