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An Ode To Black Boys

Child, born into this world

Many will tell you who to be

How to feel, what to see

Clothe you in flaws they forced your fathers to wear

Tell you to walk a path that leads nowhere

They will make a mask,

Painting it red

Lying in wait so they can place it on your face

Works even better when you are dead

Your life you own only by name

A life created before you could cry

The minute you cried, you were swaddled in possibilities

A life you can carve, it is yours to own

Works even better when you concentrate

See the crown that sits on your head?

It turns their eyes into a bitter shade of red

As you run on a road that can go anywhere

Free from the fetters,

For they were never yours to bear

Only you can decide what to see

Your eyes were formed for that

Only you can decide how to feel

Your heart was built for that

Only you can decide who to be

Your soul was created for that

Child, you are not of this world

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