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Human Like Me

I may not have the same skin as you

And yes my hair moves to a different tune

My eyes, I know may catch a different light

My nose, moulded with a different style in mind

But you're not a cat, I'm not a dog

You're not a fish, and I'm not a frog

You are human, stranger, yes human

Like me

I may not take the same steps as you

My voice wears a different tone when it greets the world

It's true our fingers don't leave matching marks

And yes I am aware we don't share a size

But you're not a fly, I'm not a bee

You're not a cricket, and I'm not a flea

You are human, friend, yes human

Like me

I may not have a mind that mirrors yours

It's true our hands cannot do the same work

I know our young feet never touched the same cloth

And no, my heart doesn't have your pace for the same face

But you're not the seas, I'm not the skies

You're not sunset, and I'm not sunrise

You are human, kin, yes human

Like me

Like me, you cried when you first felt air

Like me, you bleed and out comes red

Like me, you dream of getting there

Like me, you will age and leave this world, dead

You are neither darkness nor light

And I am neither day nor night

I am human, yes human

Like you

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