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Opened Eyes (also known as the formal-yet-not-so-formal introduction to me, Kwabena)

Life gives you three sets of eyes: one at your birth,

another when you find your worth

and the last pair so you can see that which lies beyond the earth

The eyes that see your worth, see your purpose, this is one of the many reasons this blog exists and why I write. I pray anyone reading this has found their worth and if not I hope my words can help, even if it's a little nudge for you to find your purpose.

Listening gave birth to reading which in turn birthed writing. Listening was an easy task for me growing up, it required little to no continuous effort on my part. Reading came when there was no one to listen to. A book had caught my attention and without a reader with me, I had to become one. Thinking back to that moment, I can only be grateful, for it changed everything.

Writing took time to get use to, for it was an unexpected (but appreciated) arrival, doing it for the first time was a strange experience, unlike listening, it actually required effort. With age, effort merged with enjoyment creating the creative I am today.

Words have power; having the innate ability to change people: how they are written, spoken and interpreted can alter mindsets. This I came to fully grasp after going through all three stages. Doing so allowed me to realise that as a writer who is still on a journey, how I write has the potential to guide interpretations of my work.

So if you do decide to tag along (you are here after all), watching my growth as a writer by reading, subscribing and following (@whereifoundmyeyes on Instagram). I hope you also grow as a person and whatever your purpose may be, here's to hoping it changes your world. For the better.

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