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I Would Like To Stay

The words kneel at the tip of your tongue, hands parting your lips

To examine the face before you and decide

The tone, pitch and speed they should take outside

A frown means a pleading must commence; a smile means banter is justified

Anything in between is harder to decipher, and means it is best for them to stay inside

They steady themselves and get in line, in attention, with a purpose specified

Yet your throat stays heavy, as though the words were held in pips

Soon they ready a march as to depart your mouth, only to retreat just as fast

Leaving an um and an ah behind

So, your tongue twirls once more in order to find

The right battalion that is readily inclined

To fight your fear and say what comes to mind

And see whether they come out well defined,

In order to spark a feeling that may last

Finally, in the space between us

They take to the air

Gliding on the line of breath that we share

And tiptoe up my arms, making attempts to prepare

To sit by my ears and let their intentions be laid bare

And so thus,

All this was just for you to say:

“I would like to stay.”

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