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When the sun comes up, a stranger from the east

And my mind awakens, from slumber it has been released

When the skies are painted blue by the morning light

And the world opens its eyes, kept closed by night

When the breeze touches my cheek, letting go without warning

And rain falls to the ground, Heaven in mourning

I hope you remain in my head, I hope you stay

I hope the days next do not take you away

When the moon leaves this place, riding west

And my heart dances, refusing to rest

When the stars are dropped, heavy pearls of light

And the street loses feet, all out of sight

When the chill touches my shoulder, with its bitter hand

And the crickets chirp, sounds only they understand

I pray they remain in my mind, I pray but still, I am embraced by fear

I pray the hours next do not make them disappear

When the ravens leave their nests, and migrate south

And bees feed, sitting in a poppy's mouth

When the clouds greet me, as they stroll above my head

And my body loses its weight, light lead

When fogs stretch out, covering the land

And my finger is chained by a heavy strand

I hope we remain in my head, I hope we last

I hope the minutes next do not make us one with the past

When the ice arrives, welcomed by the north

And darkness looks for warmth, crawling forth

When rivers run towards the seven seas

And leaves let go of weeping trees

When the mirror shows a different face

And my soul wanders, searching for another place

I pray I remain in my mind, I pray yet I am afraid

I pray the seconds next do not make me fade

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